Hello Maker!  I am so pleased that you have found my shop and I hope that you come back soon.  However, my husband and I am currently adjusting to our new life with a newborn baby and therefore I have decided to take my products down temporarily.  Thank you for your understanding as I take the next several weeks away from the shop to learn how to be a mother.

As you may imagine, this new phase of my life will bring many changes.  One of the changes that you may notice is that my shop is moving away from a “dyed to order” model and into a “shop update model.”  This means that while not all colors and bases will be available at any given time, as they were before, shipping times will be significantly shorter.  As products return to the shop, I anticipate only going to the post office once per week (usually Thursday or Friday).

Yarn and knitting has been my passion since when I learned to knit at the age of ten.  That year, and many to follow, I struggled to create wearable garments (too short pocket scarves and ugly shapeless hats mostly).  After many years of making mistakes, I began working at a LYS.  That is where I learned the most yarn and different fiber types.  It is also were I was supported and inspired to begin dyeing.

After several years of dyeing, I am very pleased to present the yarns you see below.  Many skeins have gone through my dye pots (and many mistakes made), I use my dyeing expertise so that you can have the perfect color for your next project.  The colors presented here represent my favorite “recipes” if you will.  When you place an order, I will then dye up that color on your chosen base.  Therefore the photo below will be more like a sister to the yarn that is delivered to you, because every hand dyed skein is unique.  It is literally made just for you.

Not finding what you’re looking for?  Contact me and we can discuss a custom order.