New Shop Update! A Fresh Take on Beautiful Colorways

Sometimes, you have to make a good idea even better. I’ve been hard at work doing just that! And so, I wanted to give you an update on new colorways that are available in the shop. I really think you’ll like them. First, a little background…

As many of you know, I recently moved to a new home. Well, before I moved, I dyed up several of my old colorways with new dyes. It never hurts to put on a fresh coat of paint, if you will.

Why did I change it? Well, I wanted to make a non-toxic option, because it’s much better for the environment. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too happy with how it originally turned out. The color faded too much, and it just didn’t look great. It happens. :/

For the moment, I decided to change the dyes so the colors would be more permanent. Much better!

In the future, I want to incorporate non-toxic elements. I’m getting very close to reaching a solution that balances beautiful colors with minimal damage to the environment. That kind of makes me sound like a mad scientist when I put it that way. But I’ll take it!

In any case, these colors have inspired me ever since I first started dyeing. Bits of inspiration have crept into my previous projects, including several of these colors found in my Sunset Highway Sweater.


The colors work so together in the Sunset Highway Sweater.

It uses Pear, Succulent, Salted Caramel Latte, and Green Apple. A wonderful combination! I have to point out that Caramel Latte will not be apart of these updated colors. It’s the only one that I wasn’t happy with. So until I dial it in, it wouldn’t be right to release the color now. High standards folks! 

Before, these colors were only available on diva sock. Now, I dyed the colors on all six of my bases. And let’s just say that there are a myriad of colors that you’ll absolutely enjoy. Let’s meet them!



Looking at Pear is like gazing into a hazy, dreamy green. It’s quite mesmerizing actually. Not only that, but it goes great with a wide variety of yarn. Little speckles of black, purple, and blue add a subtle, attractive look that matches different types of yarn that you’re working with.

Shop for Pear



Ah, Pinterest. When I see interesting things pop up on my feed, it sometimes takes me on a bunny trail. This time, lots of succulent plants were showing up. They really are stunning and are definitely one of my favorite plants. My mom even brought me one when I moved to Hermiston!

Sadly, even though I thought I did everything right, it only lasted six months. Now, it’s shriveled up and dead. 🙁

It just makes sense to make a color based off of it. Consider it a tribute to that poor plant. It’s spirit will live on in this yarn color, which is sure to last a very long time.

Shop for Succulent



Named after a certain Monster, Sullivan means a lot to me. That’s mostly because it’s the first color I ever dyed. The blue with purple speckles is a really fun combo. Plus, there’s a lot of different options with this dye. Check them out below.

Shop for Sullivan

Green Apple


What originally started as a fall color has evolved into a dye that works year-round. Christmas is coming up soon, and those red sparkles would be particularly fitting for the season. At the same time, it’s lively green is a great option for other seasons.

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When you first look at Clementine, it comes off as bright and bold. But what if I told you that it’s actually a neutral? It’s true. Quilt artist Rosalie Dace taught me this when I was a kid. She would often visit Sisters, Oregon, and my mom would offer her dinner.

While we ate, she told me that this bright orange was a neutral. Although I didn’t believe it at the time, I sure believe it now. It can be paired with all sorts of crazy colors. Thanks Rosalie!

Shop for Clementine



I’m happy to say that beautiful Oregon gave me another inspiration in Twilight. This time, I was gazing up at the clear evening sky in Central Oregon.

All of the colors are inspired by that dark purple sky. Just a hint of blue peaked out of the horizon. The white stars began to gleam above. It all came together in my head, forming the Twilight dye that you see here.

Shop for Twilight

So what do you think? My hope is that at least one of these colors will stand out to you!

I’ve carved out a small space in my studio just for storing pre-dyed yarn. But for this, I will dye it upon receiving an order. This makes custom coloring much easier. Just leave a note at the checkout, and I will take care of you the best I can!




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