My Top #SelfishKnitting Creations in 2018

At last, winter is almost here. While the season hasn’t officially started, it sure feels like it has! With the cold weather arriving, 2019 will be here before we know it.

If you remember, 2018 was the year of the #SelfishKnittingChallenge. The goal? Knit something special for yourself! I know I did.

That hard work definitely pays off in colder seasons. Several projects now help me stay cozy and warm. I’ll show you some of them here! And we’ll also take a peek at my works in progress.

My Beginner Raglan Sweater


Let’s start out for one of my go-to sweaters. Soon, my wardrobe will be seeing a lot more of these. Maybe one… or five more? There’s no such thing as too many sweaters!

This one, in particular, has it all. It’s warm, squishy, and it’s superwash. Now, I don’t personally throw this in the washing machine because it could increase the risk of pilling. But it’s still nice to know that’s an option.

Bottom line, this will be my sweater of choice on Christmas Day! If you want to make one for yourself, it takes six skeins of cuddle.

My Favorite Cabled Beanie

Chesapeake Needle is a designer that I go back to again and gain. Well, she has done it again! This beanie pattern knits up wonderfully quick and is super fun, with just the right amount of cables.

If you need yarn to knit this beanie, one option is the Merino Beanie Kits. These sets include the yarn needed for this project. Not only that, but they also include vegan pom-poms, and stitch markers!

Zweig Sweater


Here’s another awesome sweater that stays the perfect temperature this season. Maybe it’s just me, but a lot of workplaces keep the building too warm, even though it’s cold outside. Well, this sweater will keep your warm, but not too warm once your inside! Think of it as a great layering piece along with a coat.

Plus, the lace details are gorgeous and worth taking the extra time to make yourself something gorgeous. Treat yourself to a Zweig Sweater Kit of your own! 

Double Take Beanie

For a thick and squishy beanie, look no further than Double Take. Like all brioche, this beanie will take a little longer than most. But it’s so worth it. Your ears will never get cold with the 3” brim version of this super cute hat.

Make it as a gift to yourself using two skeins of Merino.

Hermione’s Everyday Socks

If there was anyone in the world who appreciated hand-knit socks by you, it would be you! And you’re worth it. Using one skein of Diva Sock, you can cast on a new pair of these easy-to-make socks. They also make great travel socks if you’re going somewhere for the holidays.

Just think of how comfy you’d be on Christmas Eve, cuddled up in your new superwash merino socks.

Irene Cowl


The Chesapeake Needle is making her second appearance on this list. She’s a genius, and you should follow her @thechesapeakeneedle. This cowl has been a real treat ever since my partner Matt requested one for himself. It can be the perfect selfish cowl for you, too! 

It is warm, quick, cabled, and will leaving you feel like a winter goddess when you wear it out. Irene Cowl takes three skeins of Cuddle if you want to make one. For some extra inspiration, you can read about my experience knitting one. 🙂 



As some of you know, I’m a sucker for lace weight. That’s what attracted me to this super simple TWINLEAF pattern. Other people love it, too! When I wore this shawl to Bea’s 90th birthday, I received so many compliments on how gorgeous and soft the yarn is. 

Lace weight takes some serious time and dedication. That’s why nobody should be given a lace project before treating yourself! Three skeins of Super Fine should do the trick while making one.

There you have it. That’s what’s in my winter wardrobe! What have your been creating? Please let me know in the comments below. Just remember, there is nobody more knit-worthy than yourself. 🙂

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