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Having scrolled through all the colors available, are you still not finding just the RIGHT yarn?  Not to fear!  I am happy to do a custom dye order.  I want to take you through my design process a little so that we can get just the right yarn for your special project.

I always start with a non-yarn photo of something.  Maybe it’s a cup, a basket of branches, ice cream, or snails.  What I am looking for in this image are two things; obviously the colors and how they play but also the overall feeling of the photo.  How does this picture of a dog/plate/tree/whatever feel?  Is it sad or nostalgic?  Is it playful and fun?  That feeling is what I am going to try and capture on yarn.

Since this is a custom order, we are going to have to get in contact with each other and discuss what you’re looking for.  Please send me an email ( with the subject line Custom Order Colors.  If you already have a non-yarn photo in mind, please send it to me!

Please note that custom orders do take longer because of the correspondence and design process.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 3 × 3 in
Yarn Base

Cuddle, Lux, Diva Sock, DK, Merino, Super Fine


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