Plastic Ocean Collage Art Quilt


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In 2017, I learned about the bleaching coral reefs and how devastating that is for our ocean environment. Did you know that algae creates about 70% of the oxygen that we breathe? So if you want to continue breathing, all of us need to do something to help save our oceans. In order to actually help make a difference, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Coral Reef Alliance to help save our oceans around the world.

This quilt is part of a show that I created to help spread information about our dying oceans. It features a bleached coral field (made from reused plastic bags) with (real) pollution waste scattered between the dead corals.  Plastic Ocean was made using reclaimed/scrap fabric that was considered to be unusable by other quilters. Then it was sandwiched, free motion quilted, and finally embellished using secondhand beads.

It is currently residing in a 6th grade Earth Science classroom, where it is an inspirational material when they learn about ocean pollution.

Plastic Ocean by Katie Dumolt

21″ x 24″

Fabric, Recycled Materials, Beads


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