Succulent Lux Hand Dyed Yarn



Don’t you love Pinterest?  I absolutely do and for the last year a ton of really beautiful photos of succulents have been in my feed.  My mom was thoughtful as always and bought me a succulent shortly after I moved.  After 6 months, the poor plant is shriveled up and dead… I have no idea why, I researched succulents and thought I did everything right.  Anyway, this is my ode to that poor plant because I can take care of yarn.

This single ply fingering weight 100% Merino is the yarn of my dreams!  Light and soft, it knits up gorgeously and is the answer to most fingering weight projects.  It is perfect for sweaters and shawls, items that don’t get a ton of wear and tear like socks (I seriously beg you, don’t make socks with this! They will wear out in like 5 months and it’s heartbreaking.  Go check out Diva Sock for socks!).

When it’s time to wash, seriously take care of this amazing yarn.  I recommend using a wool soak and follow the hand washing instructions on the soak (my favorite are the kind you don’t have to rinse), and dry flat.

Please keep in mind that all hand dyed are a little different and that is what makes them beautiful.  Additionally, monitor colors can vary.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 3 × 3 in


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